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Ciematics with Unreal

Unreal Engine has become an industry standard in places like Disney, where the world-renowned series “Mandalorian” was created using the latest visualization technologies from Unreal. The level of realism allows for backgrounds and close ups to look so realistic that the need to make recordings in green rooms is now a thing of the past. We can actually immerse the actors in an environment created by Unreal – this is ground breaking and allows for many visual off shoots like our photography simulator.

Unreal Engine was used to create entire 3D environments for the filming, displaying the live background on giant LED screens surrounding the set. Not only did this mean practically everything could be captured while filming, it also provided actors with some context to help their performances. The actors can actually what is around them and react accordingly.

Another huge milestone in terms of production is lighting. The colors and lighting are obtained from the LED wall, which makes post production much faster. The advantages are limitless.

Our World Studio has over four years of experience in creating immersive cinematic experiences using Unreal. We can create an experience as a back drop for a LED wall or we can make a stand alone application for Mac or PC.


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