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What are Meta Humans?

MetaHumans are photorealistic 3d avatars which can be programmed to look like and behave as we desire. The technology has been developed and released by Epic Games, the makers of Fortnight. This is a truly groundbreaking release where the ideology is the “Democratization of the development process”. This is a huge undertaking and what it means in layman’s terms is that we can access technology traditionally reserved for Hollywood studios. With this technology, we can create photo realistic environments, products and avatars. The applications are tangible and easy to understand and all revolve around improving the experience of a user or in this, patient. 

Meta Humans and Patients ​

We all know the adage; one image is worth a thousand words. A patient appreciates this and when dealing with how an intervention will look, what better way of explaining that than actually showing. We can show precise information like how much a particular treatment will affect a patient. For example, we can show what a patient will look with 1 syringe, 2, 3 0r 4. This is done in real-time and allows the patient to understand and decide. Another application within aesthetic interventions would be Bottox. The difference between a dosage of 4 units each in five sites on the forehead, or 2 units. 

We can show this type of result in order for the patient to decide what’s best. As before the real value here is the ability to inform the patient and have them choose the best option. 

The ability to show changes in a Photorealistic 3d application is very useful when showing options. We can customize the layout of the user interface to best suit your clinic, this optimizes the use of our contents and makes their use easy for the doctor. The key is to refine the user interface into something that is easy to understand and to the point. 

Legal advantages

We can save a lot of potential legal problems when using Meta Humans because we are not showing a “before” and “after” of our patients. One of the main problems here is that a patient can at any time say that the “after” is not 100% how they look like. In our case we avoid this issue by using Photorealistic 3d representations of people, not the actual patient. The patient can select one of many avatars to see the change, but none of them are a true life like copy of them. As a result, the doctor can freely show as many procedures as required without the risk of a lawsuit.   


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