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Photoshoot VR​

Photoshoot VR is a learning application built using Unreal Engine. We use this platform because the level of graphics that we can achieve is unparalleled. In order for any photography simulator to make sense, we need the highest level of graphics. This includes post processing, reflection captures, time of day and much more. We have created a user interface based on learning principles like the exposure triangle. We have created a learning user interface where the user can adjust the image based on observing changes in real time like the focus.  

Our main task has been to make the camera settings and behavior as realistic as possible. This has been done with great success. The secondary task has been to create the right environments in order to practice a particular type of photography. This has been a huge challenge because we have had to make a large quantity of 3D assets and organize them in the right way and more importantly, with the right lighting.   

We have divided the user interface into four sections which are: 

Choice of lenses  

Exposure Setting 

Color Balance 

Flash settings 

In the release, we have a bonus module which is the recreation of where the first ever 35 mm picture was taken: 1913, Eisenmarkt, Wetzlar, Germany


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Our World Studio is based in Meilen which is about 20 minutes away from Zurich. 

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