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Immersive Learning

One of the main benefits of these visualization technologies is to make learning more efficient. One of our clients is Ivoclar Vivadent, we created a testing environment where many concepts related to training were evaluated.  

The Ivoclar Vivadent XR project was a showcase that demonstrated the utility of XR technologies in the dental industry. Let’s define XR first of all, this is the combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Web browser-based 3D. This project was initially developed exclusively for the Ivoclar Vivadent Training, but you will see in this site how we can use the power of this technology in other areas like After Sales, Pre-Sales and even Marketing. 

We created animated 3D models of products like the PrograMill One in 3D/AR/VR. The novelty in our project is the ability to plug an animated 3d model into a website allowing for universal access to detailed technical information. What is different about our approach? A unified XR strategy which is based on usability and ease of content delivery. If you want to know how, this is all thanks to Web Based 3D, an open-source standard allowing for many possibilities in the areas of training, product showcasing and even multi user events. In this website we show case our work and give you an idea of just how useful packaging in HTML really is.  There is an important factor behind why companies are adopting this new technology, the ability to show a product in detail remotely. In our case, we can train people on complex products without displacing.

Dr Alessandro Devigus has led a team of visualization experts who have traditionally been engaged in the development of games in the development of a training system prototype for an enterprise dental equipment manufacturer . He has guided their talents towards the area of training and helped them understand what a dentist needs from technologies like virtual and augmented reality. The end result of this multidisciplinary collaboration has been the creation of the Ivoclar Vivadent XR Academy. 


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